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Exercise Testing and Planning Testimonials

“I met the Exercise Physiologist in December 2016 during my CEWP assessment.  After taking the Exercise Physiologist’s advice on increasing my strength training repetitions to 15 per set,  last week, for the first time I was able to complete 1 set each of chest press, goblet squat curls and deadlift with a 20 lb weight!  Also, after 5 weeks of negative push ups, 2-3 x a week, I can actually complete 6! 

Thanks for the awesome suggestions that made a difference!”


“Fitness has been a life long struggle for me.  About 18 months ago I hit upon something that finally worked leading to a lot of weight loss and general fitness improvement.  I wanted to be able to put real data to my status and gain insight into my fitness beyond what my pant waist size and bathroom scale could tell me.  I wanted to know the specifics of my body composition (e.g. body fat percentage) and common fitness markers such as VO2Max but had not found a way to get at this data.  Fortuitously, an email arrived from the Cougar Employee Wellness Program last October.  I enrolled immediately!  The staff not only got me an initial look at body composition and VO2Max but helped me build a customized exercise program.  With a background in science, and working in IT, I am a data driven person.  Having the benchmark data from CEWP fueled my efforts to improve my fitness.  Even with the holiday season in play, my recent check indicated continued improvement.  Now it is a contest with myself to push further, faster and see just what I can do in terms of overall fitness.”


“I joined the Cougar Employee Wellness Program to ramp up my fitness and reduce stress. I really appreciate the personal attention and to hear I had some good points in my fitness. I need to be more attentive to my goals, and CEWP serves as the gentle guide on my shoulder to do this!”


“I’m a husband, dad of four, and a crazy-loving baseball fan. I love playing with my kids, taking the family out on the boat, and community involvement. I joined the Cougar Employee Wellness Program because I had examined certain areas of my life that could be improved, and health was one of them. One thing I like about CEWP is the individualized attention, as well as the accessibility of staff. I haven’t reached my goals yet, but I do have a plan, and I appreciate that staff check in from time to time to see how I’m doing.”


“I enjoy being active! I love running, weight lifting, cycling, swimming, and yoga. I love learning about fitness and nutrition, gardening, and hanging out with my dog. I joined CEWP because I enjoy being active, probably too much, meaning my body needs occasional tweaks and tuning. Years of over-training and several car accidents have left me with some injuries that I ignored through school because I couldn’t afford treatment. This program give me access to one of the best Athletic Trainer’s I’ve worked with and body fat testing! Body fat testing is something I’ve dreamed of having access to, but never have before! The scale never served me well. Weight fluctuates and I tend to be more muscular. Having access to several BodPod tests a year is a huge luxury and lets me see real progress as I accomplish my goals. I have stayed in the program because the people are incredible, the Athletic Training help I have received has helped me immensely, and services are centrally located on campus so they are easy to access.”


Athletic Training Testimonials

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